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Light Alloy 4.8.2 2014

Light Alloy – is a completely free, compact multimedia player. It supports all popular multimedia formats. Player is optimized for quick launch and minimum load of the system resources. The main feature – it is very easy in use but at the same time has lots of configuration settings. Like fast video rewind, load subtitles, make bookmarks in the list or on the timeline, preview window on timeline, select audio tracks and subtitles in multilingual films, minimize to tray, infrared remote control (WinLIRC), make screenshots. The brightness/contrast/saturation of the image van be adjust, it supports multimedia keyboards and has full support for DVD/Blu-ray and MKV/OGM/MP4 features.

 Light Alloy 4.8.2 2014

Light Alloy features:

  • Built-in video/audio codecs (but still can be configured to use system codecs), as well as custom codecs for the selected video formats, has full support for subtitles (with the ability to specify the time shift if the subtitles are behind or ahead); has minimal start time;
  • Full support for DVD/Blu-ray and MKV/OGM/MP4 features.
  • Support for WinLIRC to control the player remotely..
  • Configurable playback speed from 0.1x slow to 32x fast, frame by frame playback, adjustable rewind.
  • Volume control, timeline display on the control panel.
  • Additional audio features: sound amplification, normalization, audio shift.
  • Unrestricted display size with or w/o aspect ratio alignment.
  • Audio and video filters configuration.
  • Supports playlists with the possibility of placing bookmarks in the playlist or on timeline; can be configured to display or hide the duration, can generate a table from the playlist (for movie collectors), save/load a playlist, get screenshots from the video (including the DVD).
  • Drag-n-drop support; saving playing position on player close (to resume later).
  • Show detailed info about playing file, copy to clipboard any fields of data or all the info at once.
  • Rich reconfigurable mouse keys and keyboard, functional pop-up menu.
  • Easy to use media-oriented “add files” dialogue.
  • Video settings can be saved per file (brightness, contrast, saturation, sound volume level, the currently loaded subtitle, the currently selected audio track) that are reapplied next time the file is opened.
  • Ability to specify a folder to save screenshots, for creating thumbnails and full-size screenshots from the movie.
  • Timeline preview function, like on YouTube, with possibility to change preview window size.

What’s new in this version:


  • Decreased playlist’s splitter width.
  • Player no more unload file when its done, if there is nothing to do next.
  • Fixed a few player crashes when working in restricted environment (no administrator rights, for example).
  • Double click on player’s caption to maximize player didn’t work.
  • Fixed slowdowns in audio mode when switching from fullscreen to windowed mode in case of visible OSD.

Video Engine:

  • MPEG: improved seek for MPEG-TS + H.264.
  • WASAPI: added ability, in case of using “bit-exact output”, to query a list of supported formats immediately without querying the device, and to attempt to create output format exact as input format. This is useful for sound devices which support only a restricted range of support output/input formats.
  • MKV: load embedded fonts even if subtitles were not available.
  • MPEG: optimized Blu-ray loading.
  • Screenshot creation routines were optimized.
  • Updated codecs.
  • MKV: fixed slow seek on some files.
  • WASAPI: fixed stuttering and distortion when changing input format.
  • OGG: fixed Theora header parsing.

Download page: Light Alloy 4.8.2 | ~60.0 MB (Freeware)

Mirror 1- Download without Survey

downloadNew Light Alloy 4.8.2 2014

Download Light Alloy 4.8.2 2014

Mirror 2- Download with Survey

dl4 Light Alloy 4.8.2 2014

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