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Monthly Archives: March 2015

Sworkit Pro Personal Trainer v5.50.10 Apk 2015

Sworkit Pro Personal Trainer v5.50

Sworkit Pro Personal Trainer v5.50.10 Apk – We created Sworkit so you don’t have to feel guilty for skipping the gym.Perfect for those busy times when you just can’t make it to the gym… You can also download…Equalizer + Pro (Music Player) v2.0.9 Apk = That long day at work. = When you have to… Read More »

MagicPix Pro Camera HD v2.3.2 Apk 2015

MagicPix Pro Camera HD v2.3

MagicPix Pro Camera HD v2.3.2 Apk….Latest update Voice activated controls, Android Wear smart watch control for remote control of smartphone camera. Histogram display option! No Ads.MagicPix Pro Camera HD is simply the most powerful and innovative camera app that allows quick and better capture of photos and videos. Our powerful algorithms allows excellent organization and… Read More »

Genius Scan+ – PDF Scanner v2.0.1 Apk 2015

Genius Scan+ – PDF Scanner v2.0.1 Apk….enables you to quickly scan documents on the go and email the scans as JPEG or PDF with multiple pages.In addition, Genius Scan+ integrates with Box, Dropbox, Evernote or any other cloud service app installed on your Android phone to let you export your scans wherever you want. You… Read More »

Half-Life 2 Episode One v46 Apk 2015

Half-Life 2 Episode One v46 Apk 2015

Half-Life 2 Episode One v46 Apk Episode One advances one of the most critically acclaimed and best-selling action games of all time, Half-Life 2, with new story and action. In Episode One, the player will unveil new secrets of City 17, engage in award-winning physical gameplay, and interact with stunning creatures. You can also download….Bloons… Read More »

Prison Break: Lockdown v1.0 Apk 2015

Prison Break: Lockdown v1

Prison Break: Lockdown v1.0 Apk and You have been sentenced to death for murder. However, only you know you didn’t commit the crime. Solve the puzzles, discover the hidden objects, manipulate the prisoners and guards, use your skills and do whatever it takes to escape, and maybe then you’ll get a chance to prove your… Read More »

Drag Racing 3D v1.7.5.1 Apk 2015

Drag Racing 3D v1.7.5

Drag Racing 3D v1.7.5.1 Apk and Get instant access and start playing; get involved with this game as it develops. You can also download….Star Wars Rebels: Recon v1.0.1 Apk Note: This Early Access game may or may not change significantly over the course of development. If you are not excited to play this game in… Read More »

Handy Photo v2.3.1 Apk 2015

Handy Photo v2.3

Handy Photo v2.3.1 Apk…was designed for those with a strong passion for photo editing. The app is a perfect choice when it comes to correcting and enhancing photos from all possible angles. You can also download…jetAudio Music Player+EQ Plus v5.3.1 Apk Handy Photo v2.3.1 Apk Features Global and local tone and color correction options Partial… Read More »

Circulux LWP v1.8 Apk 2015

Circulux LWP v1

Minimalistic circles, material lollipop stylish. Circulux LWP is a visual experience made of color and movement.Multiple options. Changing color and light for the background everything will change each time.Circulux lwp is part of a new series design for lollipop live wallpapers with a really intelligent and simply well made design. You can also download….Call recorder… Read More »

Armageddon v1.1 Apk 2015

Armageddon v1

Armageddon v1.1 Apk…..One day, civilization has to leave its home, their planet. It’s happening now, while you drink your coffee and eat cake… Once in a million years an Armagedon happen. Total destruction sterilizes the planet. But life can survive. The Wallpaper allows you to see this situation, it works well on phones and tablets.… Read More »

CPU Control Pro v3.0.0 Apk 2015

CPU Control Pro v3.0

CPU Control Pro v3.0.0 Apk Simple application to control your CPU. Overclock, overvoltage or underclock and undervoltage your CPU to get better performance and save your battery consumption. You can also download…..TuneIn Radio Pro v13.3 Apk CPU Control Pro v3.0.0 Apk Features: – MIN and MAX frequencies – Governor – I/O scheduler – Undervoltage/Overvoltage –… Read More »